छात्र गतिविधियाँ

Nursery – Lower KG
Bulletin Board Colouring Festival Celebration
Rhyme Time Anti Cracker Campaign and Diya decoration
Enacting Activity Fancy Dress
Health And Hygiene Activity Show and Tell
Van Mahotsav Handwriting Activity
Rakhi Making No Fire Cooking
Clay Modelling Tearing & Pasting (Paper & Pencil Savings)
Painting (Sand/Veg/Thread/Wax etc.) Origami
Dance / Music Wrapping Paper Making (Marble Printing)
Our Great National Leaders – A Show Guided TV watching
Dramatisation of stories/Fairy Tales Excursion
Upper KG
Fancy Dress Skit (With Moral Value)
Original / Cutting and pasting Flower Decoration
Rakhi Making Painting – Sand, Vegetable, Thread, Wax etc.
Diya Decoration/Candle Decoration News Paper Activity
Card Making Public Speaking/Spell In Book Reading
Anti Cracker Campaign Quiz
Show and Tell Vanmahotsav/Save Our Environment
Rhyme Time/Elocution Drawing and Colouring
Dance / Music Festival Celebration
No fire cooking Healthy Eating/Health and Hygiene
Vegetable Printing Guided Television Watching
Best out of Waste Performing Arts
Races Pet Day
Doll/Mask/Cap Making Excursions
Class I – VIII
Public Speaking Collage
Book Reading Sessions Quiz
Dramatics Social Activities / SUPW
Elocution Painting
Art and Craft Rangoli
Handicraft Music / Dance
No-fire Cooking Debate
Creative writing / Printing Mun Club

एक निजी दौरे का कार्यक्रम तय करें।

उस दिन डीपीएस दुर्गापुर परिसर का एक निजी दौरा शेड्यूल करें जो आपके लिए काम करता है, हमारी टीम अब इसे आसान कार्यक्रम बनाती है।

"प्रवेश", "नोटिस", "पाठ्यक्रम" आदि खोजें और एंटर दबाएँ

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