Father’s Day, 2020

Daddy, you are strong and tall,
Stay by me and catch me whenever I fall.
Batman, Spiderman and Superman there be,
I look up to you as my Superhero to be.
I will follow your steps, wherever you go,
You are my pride, Daddy, do you know!
The little boys and girls of Delhi Public School, Durgapur in order to make their daddies proud and pay filial respect and gratitude, celebrated Father’s Day in a spectacular way. Making cards, dancing to tunes, singing melodies, reciting rhymes, preparing a dish and gifting gifts to their beloved fathers. The occasion turned out to be grand as fathers and kids were in dress code, participated in events like ‘funniest daddy in town’, felicitated through e certificates and many more. The entire occasion was touching, rejuvenating and moved many daddy dears to tears.


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