Library Rules

  1. The library is a “Silence Zone”. Students have to strictly maintain silence in the library.
  2. Students have to pay a fine of Re 1/- per day, for delay from the due date of return.
  3. Students are not allowed to enter the library with food, water and personal items. They must keep their bags outside the library before entering.
  4. Each student has to show his/her book at the exit during dispersal.
  5. For loss or damage of the library book, the student has to replace the same within 1 week.
  6. Each student has to check his or her library book during issue, and report impairment or any damage to the librarian. If any scribbling or damage to the book is found at the time of return then he /she will have to replace the book.
  7. Students should not bring back the issued library books to school except on the day of return as it might get lost.


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