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A Beacon of Learning: Embarking on a Voyage of Discovery


We welcome the esteemed members of the Delhi Public School, Durgapur community to the dawn of another academic session! As the sun shines its golden rays, it creates an array of infinite possibilities before us. In the whispered hum of anticipation that pervades our corridors, I greet you with a heart full of enthusiasm and pride.

This year, as we embark on this voyage of discovery together, let us not be intimidated of unfamiliar seas, but rather embrace the anticipation of exploration. For within the school’s walls is not only a repository of knowledge, but also a thriving ecosystem in which minds ignite, dreams take flight, and hearts learn to love the symphony of their surroundings.

Our dedicated faculty members are more than just teachers; they are competent navigators who guide you through the various landscapes of knowledge. They push you to think critically, ask questions, dive deeper, and, finally, experience the joy of self-directed learning. Remember, dear pupils, that your curiosity is a compass, guiding you to intellectual treasures waiting to be discovered.

To our cherished parents, you are the anchor that binds our students to a secure haven of love and support. Your continuous support and active involvement with the school are critical for shaping the future of these young brains. Let us come together to establish a nurturing environment in which academic success thrives alongside emotional well-being and social responsibility.

As we navigate the ever-changing terrain of the twenty-first century, remember that Delhi Public School is more than simply a physical institution; it is a tapestry made from the threads of diversity, inclusivity, and a common dedication to making the world a better place to live in. The school management is devoted to continual improvement, regularly analysing and modifying its practices to ensure that it is fulfilling the changing needs of each student.

So let us cast off the lines and proceed on this thrilling voyage. Let the winds of wonder fill our sails, the current of teamwork carry us ahead, and the stars of aspiration lead us. Remember, the only limitation is your imagination, and the possibilities are as endless as the ocean itself.

With constant spirit and a passion for knowledge, let us make this year one to remember!

With warmest regards,
Umesh Ch. Jaiswal


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