Graduation Day 2023

I’m a little graduate.
Aren’t you proud of me!
I know my numbers and ABC’s
I made lots of friends and had fun too.
Now I’m off to the big kid’s school.

The school organised a felicitation ceremony on March 9, 2023 to acknowledge and applaud its tiny tots for their first step towards the future. Making the leap from being a kindergartener to the main stream has been big and now all their hard work has paid off.  It’s now time to inculcate   the value of education among them through positive reinforcement and support. It is a moment of recognition and accomplishment. The parents of the tiny tots took great pride in their children’s success. The most important part of the day- Graduation Ceremony started with the smart tiny tots of pre -primary dressed up in graduation caps walking on the stage. The Principal along with the Coordinator felicitated the students with the Certificate of Graduation. Children looked smart in their graduation caps. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for not only the little ones but also a proud moment for the parents and the mentors as they witnessed their children receiving their KG Graduation Day Diplomas from their teachers.

May God bless these tiny “graduates” as they continue their journey in the main stream of the school!


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