Rabindra Jayanti 2024

Rabindra Jayanti, the 163rd birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, was celebrated on May 8, 2024 by Delhi Public School ,Durgapur. Tagore, a beacon of creativity and wisdom, continues to inspire generations with his profound insights and timeless poetry. His words have the power to resonate deeply and serve as a guiding light in the pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth. The event featured captivating performances of Rabindra Sangeet, enchanting dances, and soul-stirring recitations of Tagore’s literary works. Each rendition summarized the essence of Tagore’s timeless creations, echoing his profound philosophy and universal appeal. The celebration not only honored Tagore’s legacy but also served as a platform for artists to pay homage to his contributions to literature, music, and art. Through the amalgamation of various art forms, the event exemplified the enduring influence and significance of Tagore’s multifaceted genius in enriching cultural heritage.

  • Annual Fete 2022-23


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