Report on World Mental Health Day Celebration 2023

Synopsis: The World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year. In order to normalize problems related to Mental Health and invoke a sense of positivity among the students, activities like Joy dance, Gratitude Tree, Movie-screenings & Identifying my USP were organised for the students. The teachers facilitated these activities with the students, thereby initiating a dialogue on Mental well-being.


World Health Organization has proclaimed that Mental Health is a basic human right. Psychological wellness is the key towards the holistic development of children. In order to initiate a dialogue on psychological and emotional well-being, a series of activities were planned for students, to celebrate world mental health day.

The activities included joy dance, gratitude tree, short-films followed by group discussions, identifying my USP and poster making. The teachers also participated with the students in these activities. The activities were enjoyed by the students.


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